Florida Flat Fee MLS

How can Florida flat fee MLS services such as ListWithFreedom.com offer you so much savings over the traditional way of listing a home for sale? If you’ve worked with an agent before, you know that part of the sales agreement you will sign when you work with a realtor includes the commission fees. While these can be somewhat negotiable, they average around 6% of the total value of the home. The listing and buying agents then negotiate between themselves how the commission will be divided. Your listing agent will first of all get the details of your property and add the listing to the Multiple Listing Service. MLS is a nationwide online directory of property listings that can be sorted by area, or by specific features of the home. Since MLS can be accessed by both realtors and the public, it gives your home the most exposure possible to potential buyers. There is no disputing that using MLS is one of the best and fastest ways to sell your home. But, what many people don’t realize is that using a Florida flat fee MLS service will allow you to do this yourself! In Florida flat fee MLS companies are the newest way to sell your home in a way that allows you to have control over the process. Many companies such as ListWithFreedom.com offer easy to use websites and toll free customer service centers to help guide you through the listing and sale of your home. When you use their service, you only pay a small, one time fee. If you sell your home to a buyer with a realtor, you will only have to pay one agent’s commission. Even better, many people are able to find a buyer on their own, meaning that there are no commissions to be paid out at all. It’s easy to see how selling your home this way can be a simple way to save you literally thousands of dollars when you sell your home. Money that can be much better spent on improvements to your next home or even a family vacation! How long does it take? Using a website like ListWithFreedom.com makes the process very fast and easy. First of all, you will want to visit their website, which has a step by step description of the process. Or you can list your property over the phone, by calling a toll-free number. The MLS listing form will be sent to you and once it is completed, it is usually added to MLS within 24-48 hours.