Sell Home Florida

When you are preparing to sell your home in Florida, go to to get the best opportunity for the lowest price. The first thing most people do when they sell their homes is to go to a realtor. Some people attempt to sell their homes on their own but don’t really have the tools or the time to do an effective job of finding a buyer. Instead of selling your home in the traditional way, has the tools to let you sell your own home and save thousands of dollars in the process. They do this by giving you the access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that most realtors use. This service is a great way to find potential buyers that are interested in your home. When you hire a realtor to sell your home in Florida, they will usually use the MLS to get a listing agent to bring a buyer to them so that they can sell your home. They also pay a commission to the listing agent when they do find a buyer and you have to pay both the realtor and the listing agent a commission, usually a total of six or seven percent of the amount your home sells for. When you go to, you can skip the realtor and use the MLS to list your home yourself. Then, when an agent brings you a buyer, you pay them an agreed upon amount of 3%. You will sell your home in the same amount of time and pay thousands less to do so! You will pay a flat fee when you go to to sell you home in Florida. There are a variety of packages available from $79 to $395, depending on the length of time you want to list your home and the number of photos you want displayed with your listing. The Platinum package is the best value they offer with MLS listings to help sell your home in Florida until the sell is complete! You also get the maximum number of photos with this package to give you the biggest advantage to showing potential buyers your house. You don’t have to have lots of free time to sell your home yourself in Florida. When you list it with the MLS by obtaining a package from, you will have access to numerous potential buyers without having to spend all of your time and more of your money to get the word out. In essence, you will be cutting out the middle man and keeping all of the advantages. You can also get a showcase listing on which is the leading real estate website. That will give you the greatest chance of selling or leasing your home and getting the highest possible price you can in the shortest time! If you want all the advantages but not all of the expense, sell your home in Florida with the help of You will save thousands of dollars and have all the tools to help you sell your house fast at your disposal!