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Customers can use MLSToSell’s flat fee MLS Listing service to list their homes in their local MLS in Florida for a low flat fee instead of paying the typical 6 percent real estate commission if they advertise on Additionally, ListWithFreedom offers its flat fee MLS listing service which gives customers’ homes full exposure on hundreds of other national real estate websites, such as ListWithFreedom informs that the MLS service is a database which allows real estate brokers who are representing sellers under a listing contract to extensively share information about properties with real estate brokers who represent potential buyers or who wish to co-operate with a seller’s broker in finding a buyer for the property. Customers who advertise on get to sell their home on their own terms and the benefit of getting maximum exposure is unequalled by any other means. The purpose of the Multiple Listings Service is to enable the most effective distribution of information so that when a real estate broker or agent is introduced to a potential home buyer, he or she may search the MLS system and retrieve information about all the homes for sale in a specified area and price range. ListWithFreedom states that the MLS combines the listings of all available properties that are represented by brokers who are members of the MLS system and of NAR (the National Association of Realtors in the US.) ListWithFreedom informs that when customers advertise on, they will get considerably more exposure for their property. When customers advertise on, more agents and realtors will bring potential buyers to homes, resulting in a quicker sale. ListWithFreedom states that there many advantages for customers who advertise on as the MLS is the most powerful marketing tool ever created to sell real estate. More than 90 percent of all homes are sold as a direct result of the MLS system’s vast targeted exposure. ListWithFreedom suggests that if customers first advertise on they will not fall into the same category as the 60 percent of homeowners who first try to sell their homes on their own, only 16 percent of whom are successful. When customers elect to advertise on, ListWithFreedom informs that nine out of ten home sales are sold through the MLS service. Homes listed on the MLS average net proceeds of 7 percent higher than homes sold by the owner with MLS services. ListWithFreedom informs customers who advertise on that they will have the benefit of doing business with a source whose successful selling consists of repeat customers and their friends. A large percentage of customers are professional investors and real estate agents. Customers who advertise on will find that their homes will sell faster than full service listings with agents who do not use the MLS. ListWithFreedom advises that once a homeowner decides to advertise on, he/she is able to instantly view estimated values of similar homes, their sales histories and tax assessments.