About Us - The MLS Listing Experts

List With Freedom has been doing flat fee listings since 2005. Our team of professionals are real estate experts, and are here to help make the process simple and the service extraordinary. We are continually growing our team as we expand our service areas nationwide.

Ralph HarveyBroker, CEO/President

Ralph has more than 17 years of experience in the real estate industry, and is extremely passionate about helping customers have a better experience when it comes to selling their homes.

During his career in 2018-2020, Ralph was ranked in the top 5 realtors for most homes sold in the country. His foundation in sales translates perfectly to his role for ListWithFreedom.com, for which he oversees all aspects of the company, yet still spends time speaking with customers when possible and guiding them in their home sale journey.

Ralph has been married to his wife for 31 years and has two lovely daughters. He is into spending time with this family and loves all things competitive. (Hence, his ambitious sales achievements.) In his spare time, Ralph enjoys fishing, hiking and relaxing by the pool.

Jim TyminskiFounder, CTO/Executive Vice President

Jim Tyminski is the Founder and CTO of ListWithFreedom.com. In 2005, Jim started this company with one idea in mind: change the way real estate is sold, empower customers, and save them thousands of dollars.

Jim is also responsible for creating the technology that drives ListWithFreedom.com. A veteran programmer and real estate broker, Jim applied his skills in software development and real estate to create a platform that serves customers to make the process of listing their homes painless and efficient.

In 2014, Jim set out to explore other opportunities while still working with the team at ListWithFreedom.com as a consultant. In 2019, Jim came back to his “baby” and is now dedicated to building on his original dream.

Prior to ListWithFreedom.com, Jim was the founder of several software ventures, including Updates.com, which was acquired by Ziff-Davis in 2000. He also pursued a (very short) career in golf as a touring pro, and although really never got to “tour,” he quickly learned that software is probably a better fit for his skillset.

Andrea SchajaVice President of Operations

Andrea Schaja joined the ListWithFreedom team in 2022 looking to bring her operational and organizational skills accumulated through 25 plus years experience in the banking, insurance and camping industries. Her prior stops included operations and risk management roles at Bankers Trust, AIG, Aon Corporation and Camp Lokanda. Andrea looks to create efficiencies and better experiences for customers and employees.

Andrea graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Always active, she has held many leadership positions in various not-for-profit, education, and community organizations, some of which she was the founder.

Andrea loves to take long early morning walks, looks forward to her book clubs, and enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

Cheryl HendleyDirector of Customer Service

Cheryl joined ListWithFreedom in early 2022 as our Director of Customer Service. She brings 25+ years of customer service experience to the team that includes leading customer service rolls at T-Mobile, Intuit, and most recently 7 years with Upwork leading a global executive level team.

Coming from a small family-owned business to publicly traded global impacting customer service roles, Cheryl has a high level of experience building teams, departments, prioritizing new processes and improving customer satisfaction while meeting business needs and scaling for growth. In her free time,

Cheryl loves spending time in the outdoors with family and traveling as often as possible.

Erika DenisDirector of Listing and Closing Departments

In addition to being a small business owner for most of her life, Erika has over 8 years working as a licensed real estate agent. She joined ListWthFreedom as our MLS coordinator in 2022 and was quickly promoted to be our Closing Department manager. Erika created a team of Closing Transaction Coordinators providing individual service to our customers who are under contract. After successes in that Department, she also took on the role of Listing Department Director where she oversees 17 staff who assist sellers with the listing process.

Erika loves travel and enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on!