Discount MLS Florida

One of the easiest ways to get your house or property seen by as many buyers as possible is to get it listed on a multiple listing service, or what is commonly known as MLS in your area or indeed online with the wonders of the internet, globally. But what is a multiple listing service? A multiple listing real estate service is a software program that lists properties and allows access by multiple real estate agents. The listing agent will offer to pay a specified commission to the agent that brings in a buyer. Sellers do not list directly on the MLS but can do so by paying a real estate agent to list even though he may not represent them.

Discount MLS Florida or offers reduced rate to get into MLS listing under any of their top plans. An MLS listing will contain the most complete information about a property and in many cases will offer a virtual tour of the rooms and exterior of the property focusing on its most attractive or unique features. Listing with Discount MLS Florida means not only maximum exposure to as many customers as possible, but it also means access to competitive offers and motivated buyers. Why choose Discount MLS Florida? ” Choose from three MLS listing types: Platinum, Gold and Silver” Listing syndication is possible with the Platinum plan; to over 20 sites ” Set flexible listing time according to the listing type ” Pocket friendly pricing and features ” Individuals can list directly without help of agents ” Sellers can contact buyers directly- phone number is listed ” A marketing flyer offered with any plan ” All these for the price of one flat fee

Try Discount MLS Florida and ignore these common myths Many myths abound about discount MLS listing service or flat fee listing services as compared with full service real estate companies. Here are some of the common ones.

“Full service agents” are better in a slow market? False, it is the price of the property that catches the buyers. Exposure not the same as “full service” – You have the freedom to continue marketing as a by owner seller and all inquiries still come to you not an agent; some full service agents do not even allow internet listing ” Full service companies have error and omission insurance that flat fee or discount service does not have – Yes, but it covers their agents not you ” Agents will not show flat fee listings – False, any reasonable agent will not walk away from a commission and only unethical agents will boycott your listing for not listing with them ” Flat fee companies provide no services – False, Discount MLS Florida does process emails, phone calls, listing updates and revisions besides passing private inquiries directly to you so you can avoid commissions ” Full service realtors claim to get you 16% more than discount MLS listing because they guarantee full market exposure – False, Discount MLS Florida offers the same full market exposure.