Discount MLS Listing Florida

Traditionally, listing and selling a home involved approaching a listing agent, getting the house listed and waiting for the agent to reel in potential buyers through the listing and through open houses. Most agents do the business part-time and the few who are motivated enough or a rich enough to make it a full-time job are priced way too high for the average home owner to afford. Few agents will spend the kind of money and time required to sell your home as soon as possible, after all they are in too to make money not to spend it. But there is a wind of change; real estate services like discount MLS listing Florida of offer a seller friendly alternative to this style of doing things. discount MLS listing Florida offers, for one low flat fee, the benefits of a full service real estate company, MLS listing, but with all the rights of a by the owner transaction retained. The truth about full service real estate agents is that they simply handle an administrative task which you the seller can probably do as well if not better.

With Discount MLS Florida even buyers can play an active role and get a buyer’s rebate. The benefits of discount MLS listing Florida For one flat fee discount MLS listing Florida can offer to save you money. This how it all happens:

  • You get listed on, MLS local and national, and hundred other real estate web sites
  • A 2-3% commission offered to the agent who brings in a buyer
  • Offers a buyer rebate of 50% on the commission earned
  • Choose from MLS packages to suit your budget and needs
  • All three packages have photo options
  • Sell your home yourself and pay no commission
  • Pay less than the traditional 6% commission to a buyer agent if use one
  • Listing syndication with the Platinum package
  • Pay for what you need and do what you can
  • Marketing flyer creator with all packages
  • Get the benefits of a full service with email and call handling through discount MLS listing Florida.

It is clear that listing with discount MLS listing Florida is a wise decision for anyone who wants to save money and lots of it too. And who does not want to save money in this economy or at any other time? The tasks to be performed in order to sell a home are not really that complicated as may be thought by some people.

They are routine administrative tasks that anyone who can file, return calls and use the internet and email can do. After all lots of agents do it part-time, why not the seller of the home? Besides the seller gets a feel of the market trends and can set the price to a level that he is comfortable with depending on the offers he gets. With an agent the seller will not get to know if there were any buyers that may have rejected but who had good offers.