Discount Realtor Florida

Any realtor is in the game for money and any way of saving money is a welcome way. One of the ways is to find a means of reducing operating costs to the minimum. Costs that are associated with realtor business include agent fees and listing fees. There are companies that offer discount realtor services while offering the same services as the leading industry leaders. Discount realtor Florida services include affordable rates for listing or flat fee realtor services. For the price of one fee, companies like offer Discount realtor Florida listing services in Florida. The one time flat fee covers all the listing features that are standard in a listing plus there are other add-ons that can be ordered, but it also includes listing on the national MLS listing, and several social networking sites and more than a dozen other real estate related sites. With Discount realtor Florida listing with, you do not have to pay a listing commission. Why Discount realtor Florida? When you choose Discount realtor Florida services you are choosing to save money. Here is how this will happen:
  • You only have to pay one agent once your property is sold- the listing agent
  • You pay no listing commission
  • You retain the freedom to sell your property yourself and a pay no commission at all
  • With discount realtor listings commissions are negotiable
  • Maximum exposure for your property for a low flat fee
  • Access to listing on America leading real estate site for as low as $ 199
If you think saving money is a wise decision and you are ready to seek the services of discount realtor in Florida do not hesitate to visit and choose from the many offers available. Why discount realtor listing makes sense There are more than five main packages to choose from ranging from Gold to Bronze and with several add-on features to make your life and the lives of your customers easier. When you save on listing fees you can manage to lower your prices sell your property faster and reach a wider customer base. If you agree that money in your pocket is worth more than money out of your pocket then going for discount realtor services is wise decision and will put money in your pocket faster. You have a good reason as this is backed by evidence from the industry. Here are some facts collected by listing:
  • listing accounts for 90% of all homes sold
  • Most home owners try to sell their homes on their own – about 60 %
  • Only 16% of all home sales are completed By Owner.
  • 9 out of 10 homes sell through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Homes listed on the MLS average net proceeds of 7% higher than homes For Sale By Owner without MLS.
  • Less than 5% of Listing Agents actually sell the property that they list .