Flat Fee Realtor Florida

So you are in real estate business for money or you are simply trying to sell your home because you are moving, upgrading or downgrading. In these hard economic times, every penny counts. A flat fee realtor makes economic sense because for the price of only one fee, you will be making savings on advertising your house or property, but getting maximum exposure. ListWithFreedom.com is one such company that offers a flat fee listing in Florida. Without the services of flat fee realtor listing like ListWithFreedom.com you are looking at a 6 to 7 percent commission with regular companies. This is the commission that you will have to pay to the listing and buyer agent. Depending on the value of your house, this amount can amount to substantial amount. By avoiding paying this commission, you can afford to lower the price of your house and sell it faster, after all, everyone is bargain hunting whether in a recession or not, and the faster you make money, the better you will be ahead of the game. By choosing a flat fee realtor in Florida like ListWithFreedom.com, you will give your property maximum exposure, but keep more of the money it eventually brings in. There are several reasons to choose a flat fee realtor listing service. You pay only the agent that brings in a buyer, you save money on fees and commissions by paying only one agent, you can sell your property yourself and pay no commission, and you can get listed on the MLS listing in your area and nationally for no extra cost. ListWithFreedom.com offers five different packages to fit different listing purposes and business sizes. You can choose from the Freedom Platinum MLS, Freedom Gold MLS, Freedom Silver MLS, Freedom Bronze MLS or List on Realtor.com National Listing package. There are several attractive reasons why you should consider listing with ListWithFreedom.com’s flat fee realtor service. You can choose a listing for different timelines, such as listing until sold, a twelve month, six month, or thirty day listing. Listing on Realtor.com is one of the largest listings, you have access to an award-winning toll free number, you can remove your ad from MLS listing without cancellation fee, you have the option to revise your listing an unlimited number of times, you can choose the number of photos to display on your listing, and you get free blank contracts and disclosures. These are by no means the only reasons for choosing a flat fee realtor listing. With the option of choosing the number of photos to show depending on the package you choose, you can cover the most important features of the property to help buyers make a decision. Words as they say are worth a thousand words. You are in business to make money, so keep most of it by choosing a flat fee realtor listing service like any of the five from ListWithFreedom.com. Any serious agent cannot afford to ignore the benefits offered by a flat fee realtor listing that also offers MLS services for the same fee. Visit today and see for yourself how choosing ListWithFreedom makes so more much sense than the traditional way of selling a house.