Home On MLS Florida

When you make the choice to sell your home without retaining the services of a real estate agent you put yourself at a disadvantage. You can use all of the help you can get to bring your house to the attention of as many buyers as you can. Sure you can list it in your local newspaper, but that only goes so far and does not really reach that many people. What you really need to do is put your Florida home on the MLS listing, this will put your home if front of hundreds of realtors and potentially thousands of people looking for a new home. There are several advantages to listing your home on the MLs in Florida without going through a realtor. The first of which is that it will save you thousands of dollars in commission fees, while you will still have to pay the selling realtor a commission you save the amount you would have had to pay a listing realtor. This can be anywhere from 2 to 3% on the sale, which while it does not sound like much think of this, for every $100,000 that is $2000 in your pocket. When you put your home on the Florida MLS you will have virtually every realtor and broker working for you to help sell your home instead of just one, and if you listed through an independent listing service they will keep your house listed for at least six months. It is a proven fact that 4 out of every 5 homes are bought using the MLS service so odds are that even in these tough economic times your house will sell long before the six months are up as long as it is priced well. Another advantage to listing your Florida home on the MLS is that your home will actually be seen by people looking for a house. In the old days when you went to sell your house by yourself, listed it in the newspaper and put a sign in your front yard in the hopes that someone might drive by and see it. For the most part this was not a very successful way to sell a house, in most cases even a realtor drove by and saw the sign they would not sell it for you unless you were listed on the MLS. Being listed on the MLS will have dozens of realtors trying to sell your house. It really is not that difficult to get your Florida home on the MLS all you need to do is retain the services of an MLS listing service. ListWithFreedom.com is just such a service, for a flat fee they will not only list your home on the MLS but will also make sure that it is listed on Realtor.com to help make sure that you get maximum exposure to help sell your house as quickly as possible. Not only will this help sell your home faster but it will help you get the most money out of the sale instead of paying it out to the realtors.