List My Florida Property

“I realize that trying to sell my house right now is going to be difficult, as the current housing market is flooded with homes. I could always choose to list my Florida property with a realtor as long as I do not mind paying thousands more than I can afford in commissions and fees, but is trying to sell it myself really worth the hassle and can I sell it without a realtor?” These questions are asked by many homeowners as they find themselves needing or wanting to sell their homes. Let’s address these questions one at time, “If I am going to list my Florida property with a realtor, what kind of fees am I going to have to pay?” When you list your home with a realtor the realtor is going to use his skills and knowledge to try and give your sale the best exposure he can. He works for you on a commission basis, this means that the faster he can sell your house and the more he can get for the sale the more his commission check will be. If your property sits around for too long the price will naturally go down as he tries to find a buyer, this way both of you lose out. “So exactly where will a realtor list my Florida property, when he puts it on the market?” When a realtor puts your house on the market he will of course list it with his realty firm, he will also put the listing on the MLS or Multiple Listing Service and if he really wants sell your home he will list it online at Both of these services are designed to give your home maximum exposure to as many buyers as possible. “Then if this is case and a realtor will list my Florida property in all of the locations, should I even try to sell my house myself?’ Many realtors would have you believe that they are the only ones who have access to these services and without their help you will have very little chance of selling your home. However this is not the case. You can list your home with both of these services if you know how to go about it. By listing your house for sale yourself, you can avoid paying a realtor thousands of dollars in commission and can instead use the money to help sell your home at a lower price or save for another day. “So if I can list my property in Florida without any help from a realtor, how do I go about doing it?” You should still look for someone who has experience is listing properties for sale and someone who has access to both the MLS and To make sure your listing looks professional and gets the results you want, you need the services of someone like ListWithFreedom. Here you will receive help to make sure your home is properly listed for a flat fee instead of a percentage commission reducing your costs while still making sure your home sells.