List My Home Florida

For those trying to sell their own home in Florida the market may be worse that it has been in many years and this raises a lot of questions that need to be answered especially when they are trying to sell it without having to go through a Realtor. By far the biggest question that most people ask is “Is this a good time to list my Florida home for sale and can I still do it myself?’ There are several things that must be addressed to answer this question. When you ask the question “Is now a good time to list my home in Florida?” you need to take several things into consideration. With the housing market in a recession it is definitely still a buyer’s market and you need to take this into consideration, not only when you are trying to decide whether or not your house will sell, but also when you try to figure out what you home will sell for. In many areas homes are selling for far below what they were worth only 2 or 3 years ago. If you cannot afford to take a financial hit on your house value now might not be a good time to sell. ‘Are there any advantages to using a Realtor to list my home in Florida?” Here the choice is up to you, a few years ago there were more advantages to using a Realtor, but in today’s market many of those advantages have disappeared thanks to the Internet. There was a time when a For Sale by Owner listing meant putting a sign on your front lawn and a listing in the local paper. Today the homeowner who wants to see his own house can have access to most of the advertising tools used by Realtors so using a Realtor has become more of a convenience than a necessity. “If this is the case then where should I list my Florida home to help it sell?” Of course you should still use the newspaper to list your home and put a sign in your front yard, but you can now make use of the same listing services that were once reserved for real estate agents. Services like the MLS or Multiple Listing Services can help you to get your house noticed by many realtors even though you are not using a realtor to list the house. By doing this you only have to pay a commission to the realtor who sells it rather than one to your realtor as well. “OK, I understand that I need to list my home in Florida with services like MLS and, but is there someone out there who can help me with the listing that is not going to charge me a fortune?” At we specialize in helping you to get your home listed with both services for one flat fee. This way you know what you are paying up front instead of having to worry about how much commission you are going to be paying when your home sells.