Sell My Home Florida

Each and every day, home sellers and home buyers alike enlist the services of real estate professionals. However, as a home buyer, it is unlikely you would ever be asked to pay any portion of a real estate commission. Since it is doubtful that your buyer’s agent is working for free, how and from whom does this realtor get compensated? In almost every home sale, the entire commission that is payable to both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent is paid for by the seller!

How this works, is that through the MLS, the Listing Brokerage offers a percentage, which is usually around half (2.5% to 3%), of the total commission from selling a home in Florida, to the Buyer’s Brokerage. Traditionally, the two agents involved share the commissions in the sale of the home. The majority of all home sales are conducted this way. As a home seller, therefore, it will be your responsibility to pay commission for both sides of the transaction. While this may not seem fair, it is a fact.

The good news is that, thanks to a flat fee mls listing service like ListWithFreedom, there are now alternatives to listing your home without hiring a traditional full-service real estate listing agent, which means less out of my pocket when looking to sell property in Florida. The monopoly that realtors have held over the MLS or home-selling websites is finally weakening as a result of web services that are creating new competition to the industry which will ultimately save sellers thousands of dollars in unnecessary commissions. And this new home-selling service is called flat fee MLS listing.

The Emergence of Flat Fee MLS Listing

When you are looking for a better way of selling property without hiring a realtor, you can use the Flat Fee MLS Listing at Through this platform, sellers enjoy a much lower listing fee, than a traditional brokerage. This allows you, the property seller, to save on fees and commissions and still attract all the potential buyers for your property through the effective use of the MLS system and syndication sites like and Trulia. It really is the best of both worlds.

Plenty of Ways to Save Money

Since you are at, you’ve already said to yourself“I want to sell my home in Florida” and save a lot of money. You will offer a two to three percent commission to an agent when they bring you a buyer just like they would if you hired a realtor. You will pay no commission if you find a buyer on your own without an agent. In addition, you will get the same MLS listing in the same MLS when you pay a low flat fee as others who pay a realtor the typical fee of 3%. Once you have listed your home, you can manage your listing from the website.

 Personal Transaction Coordinator Service

Using ListWithFreedom’s flat fee MLS listing service to avoid costly commissions means that you are not utilizing the services offered by a full service real estate agent. You will be responsible for handling the sale process. This can be daunting to some, but its really not that complicated. Once you’ve negotiated with Buyers and have accepted an offer on your property there are several steps you will need to complete along the way and plenty of paperwork to be handled. ListWithFreedom offers a Personal Transaction Coordinator service that will guide you through every step of the process from Contract to Closing. We will keep you informed and on track with timelines, checklists and a dedicated Transaction Coordinator to assist with any questions, concerns or correspondence. Priced at only a few hundred dollars, using this service will not only get you successfully across the finish line of selling your property, you will still save Thousands of dollars vs using a traditional real estate agent.

Get the Same Benefits at a Lower Cost

If you are thinking of selling your home, then ask yourself “Why should I sell my home in Florida using a realtor when I can save 3% on my fees by listing it myself?” For a home that sells for $400,000, that means a difference of $12,00! In addition, you will get all of the same benefits when you list your home on the MLS as you would from having an agent put your home on the MLS. You will be able to choose from a variety of different packages as well as tools to help you sell your home from