Tips to Use MLS

There are many traditional tools used by realtors to sell homes and other properties. If you are going to sell your home, you may choose to hand over the responsibility to a realtor or try to sell your home yourself. Turning the sale of your home over to a realtor does not mean that they will find a buyer for your home themselves. Although you may think that a realtor has a list of people looking to buy a home that they try to match up with the homes they have for sale, this is not usually the case. Instead, they rely on the MLS listing service in Florida. 

But did you know that you can also use MLS? Before, only realtors have access to a variety of MLS listings in Florida. Today, sellers can take advantage of for sale by owner MLS listing service or FSBO listing service. Check out these tips on maximizing your earning and other benefits while using MLS.

Cut Out the Middle Man 

When you go to, you can use the advantage of the national network of local MLS directory listings and your local MLS without having to go through a realtor. This gives you the option of listing your property for sale on your own! It’s your property and you have the right to sell it on your own without the help of an agent and without the high commission. The typical amount of commission paid when a house is sold is 6%. That amount is typically split evenly between the Listing Agent and the Buyer’s Agent. That means you can save thousands of dollars by using to list your property with the national MLS listings and cutting out the commission paid to the Listing Agent. 

How can you list your home on the MLS without a realtor? You have every right to sell your home on your own without an agent and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for an agent’s services that you don’t need. ListWithFreedom has a nationwide network of Licensed Real Estate brokers and technology to access and list your property details in the proper MLS.

Find the Buyer on Your Own

When you use the flat fee MLS listing service at, you will pay a low fee and get the same advantages of listing in your local MLS directory that a traditional listing agent would give you without the high commission. You will only pay the commission of the agent who will bring you a buyer. The commission is negotiable and typically sits between 2-3%. 

But what if you find a buyer on your own? Then you pay no commission at all! This lets you save more money and gain more profit. After all, it is your house and you have the right to sell it on your own and get the largest profit you can. 

Choose the Right Package 

There are different packages available from so that you can choose the listings you want to use to sell your home. You also choose how long you want your home to appear in the MLS listing service of Florida and how many photos of your property you would like displayed. 

The Platinum package is the best value and has the most to offer. You will be able to use the MLS listing service of Florida until your house is sold! It also provides you with syndication to many popular websites. You get the maximum number of MLS photos, twenty-five photos on along with a showcase ad and a virtual tour. 

At $195, the Platinum is much more affordable than the thousands it will cost you to get the same services from a realtor. 

The Gold package will give you six months of the MLS listing service of Florida along with 12 digital property photos for $149. It includes the showcase ad along with your listing. 

The Platinum Plus package, at $295, gets you everything in the Platinum package plus an extra 6 months in the MLS and includes the very important Online Showing Request tool.