By Owner MLS Florida

Real estate agents no longer have the monopoly of showing and selling houses. Selling a house does not require any special expertise and home owners can avoid paying huge commissions to agents for selling their home. Through services like By Owner MLS Florida by this is now a possibility. There are only a few basics that one needs to be familiar with to be able to conduct their own home sale successfully. In the old days, real estate agents had to the monopoly with listing services and therefore selling the house. The listing was not even available to interested buyers except through agent who also answered any questions they had and handled the showing of the house as well. In the end the seller had to part with a huge part of the sale amount to pay a commission to his agent (the listing agent) and the selling (or buyer agent).But this does not have to go on anymore. By selling his home himself the owner gets to quote a friendlier price and talk to buyers directly. And now with BY Owner MLS Florida allows you to do just that, without necessarily locking out the agents. You, the seller still have the last word plus you get offers both directly and from agents too. Why By Owner MLS Florida? ” Pay no commission when you sell your home yourself ” Receive offers from both agents and buyers alike, decide who to sell to ” Pay less commission (almost less than half) than with a full service real estate company, you decide how much to pay to the buyer agent ” Get listed right away, usually 24- 48 hours ” Get extra materials; fliers, For Sale sign- sent within 3-7 days ” Get the same service as full service real estate companies for one flat fee, email and call screening ” Pay only for what you need, do what you can do yourself- the administrative tasks instead of paying a listing agent

As you can see choosing to go the route of by owner MLS Florida through could be a very good choice for you as a home owner. You have saved and scrimped to pay for your home, now it is time to move on and would like to make money from your investment, why then will you let others have a bite of it when they were never in the picture when you paid for your home? May be you want to leave an inheritance for your children or grandchildren; they are the ones who should get it and not the specialists who do what you can do yourself. And just in case an agent gets you a good offer through’s By owner MLS Florida listing, you still save because you decide how much, and indeed the law allows you to pay between 2-3% of the sale price rather than the 6% that you would with a traditional service.