Listing Dashboard




Why aren’t my listing shown on my listing dashboard?

This can be because of various reasons, but the most common problem is that your listings are not linked to your new website account. This can easily be corrected by Linking Your Listings. Click on the link and following the instructions.

Why is my listing still showing as "NOT YET LISTED"?

We require that you provide us the information needed to put your listing in the MLS. If you are not yet listed, look at your listing in the Listing Dashboard. If the button says “Continue Listing Setup” or “Setup Listing” you need to click the button and start or continue providing the information about your property. After you complete providing the listing information, the next step is to electronically sign our agreements, this is done via DocuSign. You will receive an email providing you the link to get to your documents so you can review and sign them. Once we have everything, we can get your listed in the MLS within 24-48 hours.

Why do I need to link my listings?

We recently upgraded our website to require that all customers create an account and login to access their listings. Since you had already purchased listings before this upgrade, your website account is not “linked” or associated with your purchased listings. The Linking Your Listings process is a simple and quick method needed to verify that your are the owner of those listings.