What is a Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Our Flat Fee MLS listing service offers home sellers a simple and effective way to list on the MLS without paying the expensive realtor commission. Your property will be listed on your local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and many other popular real estate websites for the best possible marketing exposure. Sellers save money with our flat fee MLS listing by paying only the Buyer’s Agent commission, typically 2-3%. Traditional real estate agents charge 6% to list your home on the MLS. When they list a home on the MLS, they specify a commission that a Buyer’s Agent would get if they were to find a buyer and sell the home. Typically this is half of the 6% commission, also called The Split. So, the Listing Agent gets 3% commission…and the Buyer’s Agent gets 3% commission. When you use our Flat Fee MLS listing service, we are your listing agent, but we don’t require you to pay us for the listing side of the commission. One more thing to mention, if a traditional real estate agent lists your home, you would pay them 6% commission no matter how the home was sold. Even if you find the buyer…like your Uncle Bob or your neighbor. With our service, you only pay a commission to the Buyer’s Agent, and if there is no Buyer’s Agent, you pay no commission at all. ListWithFreedom is changing the way homes are sold with our simple and smart solution that saves you money.