Are You Buying a Home?

Our Buyer Rebate Program

Do you want to receive 50% of the buyer’s agent’s commission at closing?

As long as you declare as your agent to buy a home, you may be eligible! *

Get a cash back real estate rebate when buying your next home with See if you qualify to receive thousands of dollars at closing.* * Not available in MS, AL & TN

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No, please skip any additional offers and complete my listing process.

Here is how is works:

1. Search for a home using the internet (like, etc.).

2. MOST IMPORTANT:Call us once you find a property your interested in DO NOT call the listing agent. We will then do all the paperwork, contracts, negotiate the sale, and follow up through a successful closing.

4. At closing receive 50% of the commission listed on the closing statement.

5. Tell your friends about the program!

Listen, someone is going to get paid 3%, so you might as well get 50% of it!

Here are the typical amounts you can expect back:

Home Price $250,000 – Rebate $3,750*
Home Price $300,000 – Rebate $4,500*
Home Price $500,000 – Rebate $7,500*
Home Price $750,000 – Rebate $11,250*

*This represents a typical transaction where 3% is offered to the Buyer’s Agent. Buyer’s Agent Commission and Rebate Amount can vary.

What Is a Buyer Rebate Program?

Our new home rebate program is a great way to put money in your pocket or towards closing costs when purchasing a home. The new home rebate is derived from a 6% commission that is paid by the seller in a home sales transaction. When you sign up with us, half of that 6% commission (or 3%) will be received by us. We then give you, in the form of a closing cost credit, 50% of that 3% commission. We have the highest paying Buyer Rebate Program. No other company offers more than us.

And remember, this will cost you NOTHING. Our philosophy is that we share the commission with you in the form of a rebate for home purchases because you are doing most of the research and work finding the home that is best for you.

After you’ve found a home you’re interested in buying, we will place your offer, help negotiate counteroffers, get an acceptance of contract, complete legal forms, schedule inspections, appraisals, follow on any issues and schedule your closing.

* Not available in MS, AL & TN