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We List Your Home on Your Local MLS for a FLAT FEE and You SAVE THOUSANDS by eliminating the typical 3% Listing Commission.

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*Based on a 3% listing fee. Savings based on the average listing agent commission.

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92% of All Home Sales Happen through the MLS

You Aren’t Allowed to List on the MLS by Yourself without a Licensed Broker

Listing through ListWithFreedom as Your Broker will Save You Thousands of Dollars in Selling Commissions

Four simple steps to selling your home.

Choose from four flat-fee listing options, then add on any extras as you see fit.

1 Choose Your Package

Upload your listing information and photos, then sign all documents electronically.

2 Complete Online Listing Forms

Your home is listed on the MLS, plus all other real estate websites browsed by buyers.

3 We List You On The Local MLS

Stay in control and save thousands of dollars in broker and agent fees.

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How it Works

Flat Fee MLS Listing

Listing and Selling Your House without a Realtor has never been easier and its no longer necessary pay an agent costly commissions to get your home listed and sold on the MLS.

In less than 30 minutes – and for a One Time Flat Rate Fee – you can complete all of the steps necessary for ListWithFreedom, as a licensed Real Estate Broker, to list your home on the MLS – where 92% of all homes are sold. We will also list your property on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com.

We are a Fully Licensed Real Estate Broker in over 35 states and are NOT a “referral” company. We are ONLY interested in getting your home Listed on the MLS and Saving you Thousands of Dollars when you Sell.

How Listing on the MLS Traditionally Works…

Traditionally, when you Sell Your House, you hire an agent to list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). They fill out the required forms, submit photos that showcase your home and field offers and questions from prospective Buyers & Agents.  

You, as the Seller, pay a commission to BOTH Your Listing Agent AND the Buyer’s Agent – each receiving about 3% of the Selling Price of the Home. 

MLS listing Traditional Way

How Listing & Selling Your House without a Realtor Works with ListWithFreedom

When you use the Flat Fee MLS Listing Service offered by ListWithFreedom, you are in complete control of Listing and Selling your House, and in the end, you WILL Save Thousands by avoiding paying commission to a listing agent.  

It takes less than 30 minutes to upload photos and complete the required forms. Everything is signed electronically and securely, and offers come directly to you – often within the same day!  

When Your House Sells, since you already paid the Flat Rate Fee to List on the MLS, you ONLY pay an agreed upon commission to the Buyer’s Agent.


MLS Listing Better Way

 If the Buyer also did not use an agent, you pay 0% commission! 

Advantages of ListWithFreedom Flat Fee MLS Listings 

  • You choose a listing package and complete simple online forms.  
  • We list your property on the MLS.   
  • Buying Agents contact you on behalf of their buyers to present offers.  
  • You accept an offer, and you decide how much to pay the Buyer’s Agent. 
  • You Save Thousands of Dollars by avoiding paying commission to a Listing Agent. 

Why is it called a FLAT Fee Listing? 

ListWithFreedom offers a flat fee listing service. That means our prices are clear and set. You pay one price for the services you choose.  

In contrast, commission fees are not flat – they are negotiable. They are determined or set independently by individual real estate companies and are not set by any governmental body, real estate board or association. 

ListWithFreedom Sellers enjoy a low listing fee, that is significantly less expensive than the Thousands of Dollars that would typically be paid to a Listing Agent. 

We are your Licensed Broker. We are NOT a “referral company”. 

We are the #1 Flat Fee Listing Service and have been doing MLS Flat Fee Listings since 2005, listing thousands of homes and saving our customers millions of dollars! 

We are your Direct Listing Broker. This means you will be dealing directly with us. We are NOT a “referral company” that sends your listing to be managed by another company. 

How do you know if you are dealing with a Referral Company? Simply ask if you are speaking with the broker that will be listing your home. Ask if the person you are speaking with is liscensed and if they belong to the Local MLS that you are wanting to list in. 

We also route 100% of phone calls and emails DIRECTLY to you. This puts you in complete control of your Home Selling process. Many companies offer you a listing at a low price or even free – BUT their main goal is to use your prospects as leads and solicit more business directly with them. 


ListWithFreedom.com – The best way to sell your home is through our Flat Fee MLS Listing service. We will list your property on the local MLS for a low, flat fee.


We list your home on your local MLS for a Flat Fee and you Save Thousands by eliminating the typical listing commission of 2.5-3%.


92% of Homes are sold through the MLS. We get your listing set up on the local MLS quickly and efficiently, with just a few simple forms to complete.


Our customers are thrilled and highly recommend our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service. Take a look at some of the feedback we’ve received.


Home Owners have trusted ListWithFreedom to List Homes on the MLS since 2005. Learn more about who we are and what we do to get your house listed on the MLS for a flat fee.


For answers to frequently asked questions about Flat Fee MLS Listings with ListWithFreedom, visit our Help Center or feel free to contact us online anytime.



  • * $149 Flat Fee to List in the MLS
  • 6 Month Listing Term
  • 6 Photos
  • You Decide Buyer’s
    Agent Commission
    Compliance fee of 0.25% will be
    deducted from commission
    If no buyer’s agent, there is no fee.
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  • * $295 Flat Fee to List in the MLS
  • 12 Month Listing Term
  • MAX Photos
  • Online Showing Service Included
  • Open Houses Unlimited
  • You Decide Buyer’s
    Agent Commission
    Compliance fee of 0.25% will be
    deducted from commission
    If no buyer’s agent, there is no fee.
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List Now

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All plans include…

  • Listing uploaded to sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, & more…
  • Marketed on the Local MLS, where 92% of Homes are Sold
  • Sell your home and pay NO commission
  • Buyer inquiries are forwarded to you
  • Fast and easy online listing setup process
  • You get all buyer leads
  • You decide buyer’s agent commission
  • We provide all required listing forms & disclosures
  • Free unlimited listing changes
  • Your contact info in the MLS
  • Customer service available 7 days/week
  • Cancel anytime/any reason

In addition to listing on the MLS, your home will also be showcased on hundreds of real estate websites that buyers visit when seeking a home.

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FAQs About Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about Selling Your House Without a Realtor using Flat Fee MLS Listings. If you still have questions after reading through these, please do not hesitate to Contact Us at any time. We will get back to you promptly with answers.

What is the MLS?

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a cooperative listing service used by licensed real estate agents and brokers. Members of the MLS input detailed information into a database regarding properties listed for sale. All members of the MLS have a right to show or sell a property listed on the MLS and are promised a commission should they present an offer that results in the successful sale. The vast majority of home sales are made through participation in the MLS.

Why would I want my property listed in the MLS?

Your goal should be to have the most potential exposure to your property. That happens through the MLS. Real estate agents consider the MLS as the go-to inventory of homes and use it to locate properties for their clients. They rarely use newspaper ads or other advertising sources to locate available properties, even though they may use them for their own advertising.

Having your property listed in the MLS will provide needed exposure and will increase the chances that a real estate agent will find a buyer for your home. Plus, real estate agents are motivated to sell properties listed in the MLS because the seller has already agreed to pay a commission.

Learn more about why you should list on the MLS.

Will my property be listed on the internet?

Yes. In addition to the MLS, your home will also be listed on all the websites that buyers visit when seeking a home.

Specific websites vary depending on syndication feeds from the local MLS. These internet listings will give you national exposure to all home buyers. Since hundreds of people move to other states daily, this exposure can be a vital component in selling your home quickly and for the best price.

Independent websites will obtain your listing directly from the MLS or a 3rd party syndication feed. Keep in mind that they pick up whatever they wish from your MLS listing to publish on their website. Thus, we have no control over these independent websites and we cannot change or edit their content.

What’s the difference between the MLS and Realtor.com?

Realtor.com and the MLS are two very separate sites. Realtor.com is operated by MOVE, Inc. Realtor.com downloads property data from the hundreds of local MLS’s and makes that property data available to the public.

Realtor.com is not a “For Sale By Owner” website, so seller’s contact information is not available or permitted to be posted. It is acceptable to list the seller as the property contact on the local MLS because it is only accessible to Realtors.

The MLS advantage is that every single broker and agent participating in the MLS has an incentive to sell your home, effectively putting every agent in the area to work for you! The first place a buyer’s agent looks is always the MLS, so there’s simply no better way to gain instant and widespread exposure for your home.

How can you provide this service so inexpensively?

With advances in technology, realty agents are able to do in one hour today what would have taken ten times that five years ago. This has led to the ability to create services like ours, “Flat Fee MLS Listing,” that offer the similar services as listing agents at greatly reduced costs. By paying our affordable flat fees instead of a listing agent commission fee, you save thousands of dollars.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no other fees you see listed on the pricing page. There are optional services that you can select for additional fees at your own discretion. Those prices are also clearly listed.

What happens when a buyer calls about my home?

We refer all buyer leads directly to the seller. In some cases, our brokers may receive calls, and if a buyer says they are represented by an agent, they may suggest to have their agent call you and set up the showing. However, if a buyer is not represented and expresses that they wish to be represented by an agent to see your home, the listing broker may have the option to show your home. Although this rarely happens, it is possible that your List With Freedom listing agent may also be able to represent the buyer.

Do I have to pay a commission to a buyer’s agent?

Yes, real estate agents do not work for free. To be listed in the MLS, you must offer a commission to the agent who represents the buyer (AKA “cooperating broker” or “selling agent”). You set the commission fee. It’s entirely up to you how much to pay your buyer’s agent. We recommend 2-3%. The more you offer, the better chance you have to find a buyer. If a real estate agent presents an accepted offer and it goes to closing, you must pay the commission offered on the MLS listing. The commission is paid directly by you to the buyer’s brokerage firm at the close of escrow. If you sell your home to a buyer that is not represented by a broker or agent, then you pay no commission!

Can I cancel my listing at any time?

You can cancel the listing at any time by submitting a support request through our website (assuming there is not a contract pending on the property involving a buyer who was procured by a cooperating broker). There are no termination fees or other penalties, even if you cancel before the expiration date. However, no refunds will be provided after your property has been listed.

Do you assist me when I receive an offer?

Using List With Freedom, services are strictly limited to listing the property on the MLS. You provide the property information and photos, then complete the listing agreement, and a List With Freedom broker will setup your MLS listing. Our only responsibility is to maintain your MLS listing. If you feel that you need assistance in interpreting or determining the merits of a purchase offer, conducting negotiations, completing the required disclosures and inspections, or otherwise moving your transaction to settlement, we recommend that you obtain a full service broker for representation.

Are you a licensed real estate brokerage?

Yes! We are licensed in Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee and in states where we are not licensed, we partner with local licensed flat fee listing brokers to handle your listing.

Who do I call with questions after I’m listed?

Please see our Contact Us page. If you need to submit a change request visit our Client Support Center.